John WadsworthWelcome to Holstein Central. My name is John Wadsworth and I operate Holstein Central as my primary hobby. My main job is working for a community bank in Western New York as a Commercial/Agricultural lender. I build and update Holstein Central sites, early morning, evenings and weekends. It allows me to maintain my specific interest in the Holstein breed, acquired over 25 years of milking registered holsteins and always being involved in agriculture. I have built over 160 web sites for breeders of Holsteins, Jerseys and dairy businesses. Although I focus on the dairy industry I have also built sites for RV dealers, quarterhorses, machine shops, and other businesses. An Internet presence offers great potential to reach out to more customers and keep your contact information in front of the world. I can build database related sites and online stores. My rates will provide a cost-effective program to establish an Internet presence. I build very few sites and my rates have not changed in 15 years and are very reasonable. E-mail me today to find out what it will take to get you on the web and any questions that you may have.

Hosting Options: Holstein Central can also host web sites built by others on our server. If you have built or are going to build a web site for your herd or dairy business you will need a hosting service. We charge $150/year for this service. We will promote your site on our sites. E-mail us at for more information on this option.
Holstein Central Internet Services Web Site Fees      
  Sub-Domain 6 Page Site  
One Page Site  $ 250.00  $ 250.00 Base price
Each Photo*  $   5.00*  $ 55.00 11 photos
Each Page  $   50.00  $ 250.00 5 pages
Each Pedigree  $   5.00  $   30.00 2 pedigrees
     $ 585.00    
To have your own domain Add $100/yr
Own Domain:   $685.00    
The above rates Include placement on our server and all associated fees for one year. Annual renewal for the following years is $250.00/year.
Additional Charges:
Additional pages: $50.00/page
Additional photos: $5.00/photo
Updates: $40.00/hour (min 1/6 hour)
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